Premium Trainers vs Cheap Trainers, Part 3

Education, experience, and going beyond just providing workouts are just a few of the qualities a successful trainer must yield.

Providing accountability to clients and access to a quality facility is key component.


The goal, role, or job of any quality trainer is to keep you accountable. Miss or cancel a session, expect a text; miss a few group workouts, I will sent you an email, or do not be surprised if you are tagged on a photo from your training group on social media (it’s all done in good fun);

I stay on top of you to insure you are getting your workouts in regardless if you train with me in person, or we work via distance coaching. I go over your eating habits and make sure the quantity and quality of food you’re eating is on track with your chosen goal, and the eating habits you learn can be used for life to help keep you pointed in the right direction. Finally, you will learn correct exercise technique for your body type, and reinforce this with every session.

Training Facility

Dallas Underground Strength & Fitness is set up for success. We don’t use machines or utilize the latest ‘trends’ in fitness equipment, but we do have plenty of free weights, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, and ropes. Our collective coaching staff (including myself, a former D1 athlete and a trainer specializing in special needs) has a combined 58+ years under the bar and 31 years of coaching providing a unique coaching pedigree for providing results.

Whomever you choose as your fitness guy should carry most of these traits. If your trainer does not own a facility, that would not be a deal breaker in my book as long as he/she aligned themselves in a facility that fits your needs.

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