Premium Trainers vs Cheap Trainers, Part 2

Yesterday I discussed how education and experience can represent a quality trainer over a piss poor trainer.
Today I want to address how trainers should provide more than just workouts to their clients.
I can only speak for myself here, but when you are training with me at Dallas Underground Strength and Fitness, you simply don’t get just workout times, you are set up for success outside of the training studio.
Need help picking out what to eat at the grocery store? I will meet you at the store, show you how to read food labels, and pick the right food items to fit your lifestyle.
Need help figuring out how many calories you need to eat? I can definitely help you out with this as well.
Need help with idea’s how to prepare your meals or want to change things up? My wife Christina, being the trained chef, can provide tips and idea’s how to make your meals taste amazing while still eating healthy to reach your goals.
Heading out of town for a business trip, and don’t want to miss out on a workout? That’s easy. I created a Hotel Workout Program that provides three separate styles based if you are wanting to focus on body-weight movements, or if your hotel has limited amount of equipment, or you have access to a fully furnished athletic club in the hotel.
If you are a road warrior, I sent workouts to your phone via a fitness app you would have access to.
Regardless of your challenges, you will have access to programs that keep you accountable which is all included with the training price.

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