Premium Trainers vs Cheap Trainers, Part 1

A question was presented regarding, “why do some trainers charge so much while others are cheaper?”
This got me to thinking, and I wanted to provide a 5 part answer to this.
The first is education and experience.
I am certified by a few of the most respected organizations in the industry, and my education in exercise science combined with experience in physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation provides a unique grasp of efficient movement.
My belief is certifications are a dime a dozen unfortunately, and I have stated this numerous times in the past.
My professional training experience began in 1995, which runs through today, and I have worked with virtually every population imaginable, from athletic development to pre/postnatal fitness, and my tenure with multiple training formats are adaptable to fit a wide scope of people.
Sure I could have gone through a ‘cheaper’ or ‘easier’ route, but anyone who know’s me would realize i usually take the hard way and not always intentionally.
One issue I want to clarify.
A formal education route does NOT insure a good trainer. I know and have associated with plenty of trainers with a certification, however they all share a fundamental characteristic. They conduct themselves professionally and actively chase continuing education to increase their knowledge base.
I will take a certified trainer with 5+ years experience who has actively expanded their knowledge base via specialty workshops / certifications / seminars / etc over a trainer who possesses a degree and a certification, but has not pursued additional education or attends the minimum requirements to satisfy their certification.
Minimum standards equals minimum output.

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