Marissa Faqua

Marissa was the girl in high school who would play sick to avoid any physical activity during athletics. Her high school coach once told her she was too slow for even the long jump.  Although…education was something she thrived in. She is a fighting Texas Aggie Class of ‘09 with a BA in International Studies. She continued on to obtain a MA in Sociology/ Women’s Studies at Texas Women’s University in 2011. From there she worked some odd jobs, but health struggles created a barrier to what she knew could be a far more fulfilling life.
Miraculously, through years of struggle with eating disorders she found a passion for the movement God allowed her body to do, even after much damage, during recovery. She knew her struggles were not for wrought and yearns to share her passion for health and fitness with others to improve their quality of life.
She became certified as a group fitness trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2015, then as a Health Coach in 2017. She continues to grow in her health and fitness knowledge especially with regards to the special needs of athletes with disabilities.
Outside of training at DUSF, Marissa works in full-time missions at East-West Ministries in Plano, TX, and is the Program Director for Powered to Move working with athletes with disabilities through their adapted fitness programming.