Coming to the Final Countdown

I am t-minus five days and counting from the 37th annual Hotter n’ Hell bike race, and I cannot be happier on my prep work.
The last 5 months of training has been a combination of proper planning and near-perfect execution.
Spring / Summer weather in Texas is always a bit unpredictable, but adding in a few ‘buffer’ weeks to compensate was definitely a smart decision.
However, all that training and work could go to crap in a mere few days be put to crap without a proper taper before the upcoming century ride.
Listen I get it.
Cyclists want to go longer and faster with each training ride, but in reality, more is not in fact better in this case particularity the week of the race.
 I made that mistake last year, and I was not planning on repeating this in 2018.
First step is to reduce training volume the week of the race.
I do not have the luxury of cycling for a living. I have a career, a family, and multiple other obligations pulling at me so being able to cycle everyday is not in the cards so to speak.
Last Saturday I did a group ride with my Performance Bike group in Plano. It was just under 30 miles and felt pretty good.
Sunday I was planning on a 60-mile ride, however that got cut short. We had a few storms blow through the night before, and most of the trails were covered in mud and debris. I also started thinking what the hell was I doing? I didn’t want to risk puncturing a tire or two, or worse yet having a spill out and possibly damaging the bike. So I ended up turning around and getting just over 25 miles and I’m good with this.
Today I have housework and yardwork to finish, so riding today is out.
Tuesday my daughter is having her wisdom teeth removed so I might be able to get a ride in, but if I do it will be an easy 10 – 15 miles.
Wednesday and Thursday are rest days
Friday is the start of the race weekend, and is all about getting ready for the 100-mile race on Saturday.
70 miles may seem like quite a bit of mileage the week of the race, however I took the training volume wayyyyyyyy down.
Past weeks I would put in 150 – 190 miles a week in the saddle so dropping down to 70 miles the week of the race is about 40% of the training volume I was accustomed to working with.
Now what is NOT changing.
Not changing my eating whatsoever and I am definitely not changing any equipment on the bike or on my person. I’m pretty much a creature of habit. I like having my Gu’s and Cliff Bars available. I have been looking at adding a few other items to my nutritional plan, but that will have to wait until after Saturday.
I will begin adding more fluids starting Wednesday consisting of water and Pedialyte, and look at getting a massage in Wednesday or Thursday, but other than that I’m keeping consistent with what has worked so far.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right!!
Peace out peeps, and keep moving forward!


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