Thank You for Purchasing Groupon, and Congratulations on Taking the First Step to Building a Better You!

  • I know you are ready to get started, and we’re excited to share our program with you, but a few steps are needed to get you started.

  • Orientations are filled by appointment select Saturday’s of each month based on availability. If you require an orientation outside of this, a $25 administrative fee will be administered.

  • Due to COVID precautions, orientations are limited to 5 participants per session.

  • Our goal is to focus on providing high-quality instruction rather than attempting to cram as many people as possible.

  • Please note, this program is restricted to adults 18 years and up.

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Please note, due to our policy to maintain the integrity and quality of instruction for our classes, you may have to wait to attend an orientation until space opens. We will keep in contact with you, and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.


Is this a bootcamp workout?

No, unlike what most may initially think this is not your typical class. Each workout is a small group of your best friends training together. Each session is supervised by one of our fitness coaches, and each person is addressed based on their goal and needs. 

How often do I need to attend?

This honestly depends on your schedule. The recommendation is to attend at least 3 days per week, but schedules change and we get that. Some weeks you can make it 3 days, and other weeks it might be a struggle to make it twice. That’s okay. 

I haven’t worked out… ever… can I do this?

Definitely! Over half our clients have never trained before so not only will we show you HOW to train for your goals, but you will learn WHY you will train the way you will learn. 

What can I expect on the first workout?

Before you attend your first workout, you will attend an orientation. This will allow you to meet our trainer(s), you will go through a movement analysis, become familiar with the training center, and go over our policies & procedures so you can hit the ground running from day one. 

During your first workout you will arrive early learn mobility and warm-up drills prior to beginning your workout session. Your first few workouts may vary depending on your movement analysis. We do not prescribe to one certain workout style or system. 

We go where YOUR body tends to get the best results to reach your physique and fitness goals. If your body responds better to fast-paced metabolic workouts, then that is what your doing, however if your goal is to build strength and stamina you might respond better to high volume training (lots of sets and reps). Every person is different so we will adjust accordingly. 

Is this a CrossFit facility?

No, CrossFit is just one style of training that has evolved into an emphasis of sport competition. If you are looking for a CrossFit program you would be best served to joining a CF box.