Use Complexes for Monster Results

Complexes are some of my absolute favorite go-to movement patterns for wrestlers both during pre-season and the deeper into we go into the wrestling season.

Simply put, complexes are a series of movement patterns that allow athletes to increase their explosive power and strength, while simultaneously improving their conditioning for the mat. Complexes are only limited by your imagination; they can be

  • body-weight based
  • barbell based
  • kettlebell based
  • Db based, or
  • A hybrid combing any of these movements.

You can additionally set up your complex using:

  1. set repetitions
  2. timed intervals
  3. max repetitions
  4. EMOTM,
  5. AMRAP’s…

Don’t be afraid to get creative.

I set up a complex to mimic from what a wrestler might face during a bout, and they usually consist of a hip hinge pattern, a rowing movement, a squatting pattern, some type of rotation / anti-rotation movement, and some type of explosive or pressing pattern, but I will adjust the movements to fit the needs of the wrestler.

I have found the more efficiently a complex flow’s between movements, it is more effective for the athlete and transfers better in their particular their sport.

For example, a 113 lb high school wrestler may need to improve their overall strength and explosive power, whereas a wrestler in the 220 lb weight class typically has strength and power, but could benefit from improving his conditioning, muscular endurance, and aerobic recovery to give them a leg up on their competition.

The central idea is adjusting the movement to fit the needs to the athlete, not the other way around. Here are a few examples of a complex you can implement to your training today.

Complexes using a Landmine attachment are simple and effective!!!

Include these in your training block and watch your athlete make monster improvements in a short period of time!

If you are in the Plano / North Dallas area, drop me a message, and apply for a free week-trial on us for your athlete. You have nothing to lose, and all to gain.

Now let’s wrestle!! 

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