Perform & Transform Challenge


Join Me for The Dallas Underground Perform & Transform 8-Week Challenge and l'll Help You Build a LeanEnergetic, and Athletic Body – from the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Challenge Begins February 1st, 2021

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Hey it's Steve from Dallas Underground

For past 15 years my main focus was helping clients transform within the four walls of the Dallas Underground Strength & Fitness Performance studio... until now. After receiving hundreds of emails from people who couldn’t train at DUSF as a result of these unprecedented times, I decided to create an online coaching program that would deliver the same Results, Experience and Culture were known for — at home so that anyone could tap into it.

During this challenging time I have spoken with so many of our clients, readers and followers, and many of them are experiencing the same thing.

They are lacking the motivation to workout and the guidance and coaching to give them confidence that they're doing the right training & nutrition protocols for them. They’re also bored and lonely and missing a KEY to their success: accountability and the social aspect that fitness, training and an atmosphere like DUSF can bring.

And this is why I am inviting YOU to join me and my team for the Dallas Underground Perform & Transform 8-Week Challenge.


The Dallas Underground Perform & Transform is a tested and proven to deliver RESULTS so that you can have the SHOW & THE GO.

Lose Bodyfat and Build Lean Muscle

Get Fit and Confident

Receive Support & Quality Coaching


It's Change YOU CAN DO and Results YOU WILL SEE.

We wanted to launch the coaching with a challenge and make it accessible — especially during the last year and challenging times — so 2021 can a year you build a better body so that you can write a better story for your life. 

Most Online Coaching

Programs Goes

Something Like This...

(That may not even fit your goals)

(that doesn't consider your preferences)

(without any ongoing communication or meaningful support)


BS Fad Programs will never give you results. 

Restrictive Diets may work for a month but the thing they’re best at is making your life a living hell.

Cookie Cutter Programs that you KNOW are made for someone with different goals and body type then you will leave you stuck, frustrated, and possibly injured.

​There's No One in Your Corner who knows you, listens to you, cares about your goals, and is guiding, supporting and coaching you to achieve the changes you seek for good — to help you take control of your body and life. 

You Won’t Find Any of This Is Our Perform & Transform Online Coaching Program.

We're not only providing Proven Training and Nutrition, we have also baked in the methods that have made our clients successful within the DUSF Performance Training Studio for the past 10+ years.

Let's Talk About This

PERFORM & TRANSFORM brings together a unique structure in each program that is designed to make you leaner, stronger, and more athletic while reshaping your body to give you that “athletic physique.”

Your workouts will have our signature R7 training system:

  • R1 - Release  
  • R2 - Reset
  • R3 - Readiness

These 3 are considered part of the dynamic warm-ups which help you prime your muscles and nervous system to build strength, get the most out of your workout, and prevent injuries.

  • R4 - Reactive 
  • R5 - Resistance
  • R6 - Resilience 

These cover your explosive/power movements, strength exercises, and conditioning to help you get the most results from your workouts, get you leaner, stronger, more athletic, and building that athletic physique.

  • R7 - Recovery

This part will help you start recovering right after the workout so you can be ready for the next one. A big missing link in many programs is the lack of focus on recovery, which leads to nagging injuries, burnout, etc. But we got you covered here.

The best thing is you won’t need to think about it because you will have it outlined in your program and know exactly what to do.

We’ve designed the workouts so they give the results our clients, readers and followers ask for the most:

  • Lean Out & Get Rid Of Excess Body Fat
  • Build Strength & Athleticism 
  • Build Your Athletic Physique 

My guess is you’d like to achieve all that, but the question remains…

How do you do that without spending a lot of time working out in a day? The answer is with the Perform & Transform 8-week Challenge. Our methods have been tested and proven at the DUSF Performance Training gym – delivering real results to the over 4,050 clients we have coached to success.

Get ready for some fun and transform your body faster than ever in the process.

Save $250 on the Dallas Underground Perform and Transform 8-Week Challenge

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When You Join The Dallas Underground Perform & Transform 8-Week Challenge, You Will Receive:


This program and workouts are designed to get you leaner, stronger, and more athletic so you have the Show and the Go without having to dedicate crazy amounts of hours in your week to them. 

They are effective, proven with thousands of people that have trained at DUSF, and built so you can get results and get back to your life and what matters most.

I’ve created different programs so no matter what your situation, you’ll be able to do this challenge. A program if you can go to the gym, a minimal equipment program if you have just dumbbells and bodyweight, a program for kettlebells and bodyweight, and also a program if all you have is bodyweight. You’ll choose which one is the best fit for you for the 8-weeks of training.

You’re going to start Perform & Transform with me (and many others) in phase one, so get ready to hit the ground running from your first workout. As we progress, you’ll get leaner, stronger, and more athletic while you have less and fewer aches and pains (I’ve added in something special that will help with that!)

I can’t wait for you to experience the power of these workouts!

Workouts + Mobility

At DUSF, we’ve helped thousands of men and women transform their bodies using our workout programs. For this challenge, I'm not only adding weekly follow along workouts, each workout has me coaching you through tips, modifications, form help, motivation, and more!

It will be like having me right there with you at home coaching you throughout the workout.

Just press “PLAY” and do the workouts with me.

With these workouts, you can expect to see your best results in the next 8-weeks and feel better, stronger, and have more energy within 14-days.


Nutrition is vital and often the missing link in helping you get the best results and when you combine effective workouts and nutrition that fits your lifestyle it compounds success. I like to think it’s where 1 + 1 = 3! With that being said, here at DUSF, we don’t believe in just counting calories or macros (if you like that, we got you too). We don’t believe in restricting all types of foods, and we absolutely don’t believe in starving yourself to get results.

Instead, our Perform & Transform Nutrition Plan is going to help you get results eating foods you love and if you choose not to, never counting a single calorie.

What’s extremely powerful with this program is that I will coach you through the nutrition in a presentation to get you started and show you how you can succeed step-by-step. On top of that, we’ll have weekly Facebook Live Q & A’s with me and the DUSF Team (more about this below).

Accountability & Support

ACCOUNTABILITY from the Dallas Underground Team

One of the keys to transformation success is having accountability from a group of people you respect that guides you to your win. Just having a plan without accountability is not nearly as effective and where many programs and challenges get it wrong since there’s no one keeping you accountable. 

You will have accountability throughout the 8-weeks. Coaches will check in on you to make sure you’re on the right track, and if you veer off we’ll support and guide you back on track.

Bonus #1: 5-Ingredient Recipie Book

I am all about simplicity and taste when it comes to meals. Meals should be simple and delicious.

In the two recipe books you’ll find amazing recipes that we’ve put together that are simple to make, healthy, and taste great, as well as break down all the calories and macros as well as being able to pick from gluten-free, dairy-free, high protein, low carb, quick to make, meal prep/freezer friendly. We’re making it as simple and easy for you as possible. 

Whether you’re short on time, or just love to cook, I can’t wait for you to dive into some of these recipes. Try one or all of them as they will all be yours for FREE. 

Bonus #2: Finishers


I get a lot of requests for ab and core circuits that are perfect for after your training session or as bonus work on your off day. 

I’ll show you the best exercises to focus on so that you can get a stronger core while also leaning out. 

The mini-challenges will test you and get you some “bonus” work if you’re up for it.

How This Works...

Step One

Sign up for the Transform & Perform Challenge and choose the type of workout plan you want to follow:

  • Free-Weights (if you have access to a gym or gym equipment)
  • Kettlebell + Bodyweight
  • Bodyweight

Step Two

Follow the training and nutrition and get guidance and coaching from me and the Dallas Underground Team.







Step Three

Get results, change how you look, feel and perform in just 8 short weeks!!

Save $250 on the Dallas Underground Perform & Transform 8-Week Challenge

Get on the Insider List

What Are You Waiting For?

Registration begins Monday, January 25th, and the Challenge begins February 1st (the following Monday) so get on the Insider List today!

No payment required. As a member of the Insider List you are not committed to anything. It simply guarantees that you will get access to our Perform & Transform Challenge for the special discounted price of $247—if you choose to sign up for the challenge when we launch on Monday.