Unlimited Access

$129 monthly (unlimited access)
This training package allows for unlimited attendance to the regular Metabolic Afterburner workouts. Auto-pay with a credit/debit card is required.


Active Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Fighter/Teacher

$99 monthly (unlimited access)
Client must present a current (non-expired) photo identification showing proof of full-time employment as active military, law enforcement, firefighter or teacher. Reserve/voluntary status does not qualify.


Family Add-On

$49 monthly per add-on
Additional family members can be added at a discounted rate. This offer is only available if the primary client is on the Unlimited Access training package. Additional family members are limited to spouses or dependent children under the age of 18.


Part-Time Access

$99 monthly (2x/week)

This provides a cheaper option for people who are wanting to supplement a sport-specific physical preparedness program with a general physical preparedness program. This is a suitable option for athletes who are nearing the end of pre-season training or are in-season, or for athletes that are getting closer to a specific event (such as the two months prior to a marathon)